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Younger Boomers and Seniors Web Shoppers

A study conducted by the Cable and Telecommunications Media Association (CTAM) examining the lifestage and lifestyle media choices of 4 different generational cohorts (Millenials, Gen-Xers, Boomers, and Matures), found that 77% of the Matures (65+) and 71% of the Boomers shopped online. Interestingly, the Matures shopped more online than any other group. Additionally, almost half of the Matures played games online. The Boomers were heavy internet users also in the areas of email and paying bills online. Many people associate the internet with the younger generations. More and more Boomers and Matures are keeping in touch with family and utilizing the internet to gather information and for personal and business interests. This information shows the marketing opportunities that exist for businesses that keep up with lifestyle and lifestage changes. I have been contacted by more and more people in my generation (Boomer) and older friends (Matures) that are beginning to utilize Facebook and other forms of social media. I know that as I design my marketing plan for my canine massage business that I know that the internet is the way to reach those empty nesters of all generations that care for their K9 companions.

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