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March, 2010:

Middle Boomers a distinct demographic group seperate from the younger boomers and older boomers

The data from a study initiated by the Mature Market Institute (MMI), the research division of Metlife, found that the Middle Boomers are a demographic group very distinct from the rest of the boomers. According to the study, Middle Boomers were born from 1952-1958. This group sees themselves as in good to excellent health. Middle Boomers are definitely children of the 60’s. According to the study, they identify with the women’s movement, the Vietnam War, the Kennedy Assassination. I know that I truly am glad to see the students of today protesting about the decline of their educational opportunities. It has been a long time since people truly stood up for what they believed was right and not just to demand what they believe that they are entitled to. For those of us that have our own businesses or work in the marketing department, it would be very beneficial to access the study or the press release on Market Watch on March 2, 2010.