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September, 2009:

Baby Boomers largest demographic without health insurance

There are approximately 77 million baby boomers. According to an article in the, there are over 11 million boomers without health insurance. As we slog through the recession recovery, more and more boomers will lose their jobs. It will be more difficult for this group to find jobs due to employers wanting to hire those with less experience to cut costs. Boomers need to stand up and be counted during this time of contentious debate about the pros and cons of universal health care. Many of us just assume that things will work out. However, the fear mongerers are winning the battle. We all know that people change jobs much more frequently than when we first entered the workplace. We must call for health insurance options that are affordable and not tied to one’s job or the number of aging boomers without health insurance will increase rapidly just when we need more care.