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August, 2009:

Property tax “work off” programs for seniors over 60

Massachusetts has a property tax “write off” bill for seniors over 60. According to, some cities set the program at people over 60, some over 65. The seniors can work in areas in the city or town and receive vouchers up to $750 toward their property taxes. Seniors must fill out an applications and get on a list. They are selected based on pairing the requirements of the job that needs to be done and the skills of the seniors in the program. Massachusetts is not the only state that has implemented such programs. The governor of Maine also signed a bill into law in April 2008 that allows a tax “work off” program for seniors over 60. There is some debate in Maine about the bill because the seniors the state pays the taxes on the money earned by the seniors. Hence, some believe that it is the other taxpayers covering the costs of the program. However, the IRS considers the money earned from the program as income. South Carolina and areas of Colorado have similar bills. In all cases, the seniors are paid between approximately minimum wage for their labor. The amount of the voucher they can earn and the age the programs start vary dependent on state, city, and town. It seems like a pretty good idea. After all, the states will typically get mature, skilled workers for jobs that may go to unskilled labor. Check your state and send this information to your state representatives to try and get something like this implemented in your area.

Paralegal position a match for “baby boomers”

According to an article on there is a need for Paralegals and boomers looking for another line of work are the perfect candidates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the job outlook between 2006 to 2016 the job growth is expected to be greater than average. The Examiner article by Chere Estrin makes the case that people over 40 are welcomed in the field because of their maturity and past work experience in areas that lawyers need help.