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July, 2009:

Baby Boomer Men are a Marketer’s Delight in this Recession

According to an article in the Marketing Daily, marketers would be smart to target boomer men because of their purchasing habits. This assertion was based on the findings of a study conducted by the Natural Marketing Institute that focuses on the health and wellness market. Although only 30% of boomer men take on the main role of making family purchases, that is up from 20% 10 years ago. Even more importantly, 40% of the men over 50 are not feeling increased stress in this economy whereas only 30% of women are not feeling increased stress about finances. This goes along with the finding that boomer men are more likely to make impulse buys than boomer women. Everyone should read the article that is interested in how to market to boomers in general, but more specifically to develop better marketing tactics in this recession.